“Selfies” are taking over the world!!

The beginning

Do you know that this is the first selfie in history? This selfie of lips appeared in 2002.

The first Selfie

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/australiaandthepacific/australia/10459115/Australian-man-invented-the-selfie-after-drunken-night-out.html

Selfie creates technology

A good example would be just a selfie camera equipment. Look at GoPro share price! With its debut at 24$ per share and currently 42.30 now.  I bet when founder Nick Woodman started financing this company by selling beads and shell belt, he has no idea where this business may bring him. (Originally, his idea of GoPro cameras are a means of him taking good quality picture of HIMSELF surfing) Yes, GoPro started from the need of a surfer who wants a selfie!

Facebook, Tweeter, and all the social media, they are destinations for selfies post, and look where they are now!

Why are people crazy about selfies or themselves?

Try googling “selfies“(click to see results), I bet some of you may be quite amused by some of the images (at least I am).

I sincerely believed that posting a public selfie is an act of self-expression (besides those that has other commercial reasons), where a picture tells a thousand words; It says plenty in that single photo; emotions, activities, locations and even intentions. (blink blink)

From the google image results, one cannot help noticing the distinct level of self expressions  differentiated by age (rarely can find a selfie of a 40 yr old) gender (well, what can i say) and ethnic group (Asians are more shy in self expression, we hardly ask questions in a class!)

But one thing is for sure, one has to be extremely self confident to take a selfie (especially naked ones) and then let the whole world look. However, I think some may regret later in life (when they become parents, successful executives or a politician) when wild selfies of younger days resurfaced and currently there is no way to get rid of them. If you don’t believe me, check out the following links:

I think if you are a developer, now is a good opportunity to develop a program call “Nuke my selfies EVERYWHERE!”







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